Instructions for use Prostaline

Instructions for use of Prostaline capsules

Prostaline is a drug for the treatment of prostatitis and normalization of the prostate gland in men in Slovenia. Among the advantages of the remedy is a high degree of effectiveness in all forms of the disease. As the inflammation subsides after the first application, patients immediately feel a reduction in the painful sensations caused by prostatitis. The tool will easily help in the treatment of prostatitis in men. Prostatitis has a very negative effect on a man's sexual life and psycho-emotional state, so the disease must be treated quickly and effectively. In this case, these capsules help.

It is best to prepare the body in advance before using the capsules. But how to do it?

  • Eat cooked fish, meat, soup in broth to keep the esophagus in good condition.
  • Take a limited amount of sugar and honey.
  • Stop close relationships until the pain is gone.
  • Replace coffee drinks with tea and compotes.
  • Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking if possible.
  • Eliminate salty and smoked foods, sweets, chocolate and rich confectionery from your diet.
  • Avoid stressful situations.
Instructions for proper use of Prostaline capsules

How to use the capsules properly for best results?

The capsules are very easy to take. Full instructions for use are included in the product packaging. We recommend that you use this natural product as it is important. As an example, we can provide information on how to get capsules and similar organic products in a few steps.

Remember that only with proper use of the drug can you see visible results. Helps fight prostate problems for days thanks to the most modern foods. Contains a collection of traditional plant extracts that have antioxidant effects on the body. This supplement fights the symptoms of prostatitis to help normalize the frequency and flow of urine. Reduces pain and improves quality of life, improves sexual function and erection. In addition, it reduces urination at night, allowing users to sleep better at night.

Instructions for use of capsules
Step 1 Take one capsule with or before meals.
Step 2 You can repeat the application twice a day.
Step 3 It is best to stay with the intake for a month or longer.

The full course is one calendar month.

Instructions for use of capsules

There are several reasons to consider using this tool, and the basics are:

  1. Urinary excretion.
  2. Anal cracks.
  3. Inflammation and dilation of hemorrhoids.
  4. Prevention of prostatitis.
  5. Intestinal ulcer.
  6. Painful enlargement of the prostate gland.
  7. Prevention of prostatitis.

Contraindications to the use of capsules

This product is completely natural, so there are no contraindications to the use of capsules. But there are a few exceptions: allergic reactions to any element in the product, thyroid disease, men under 18 years.