How soon can prostatitis be treated?

Many articles and other materials have been written about how quickly prostatitis can be cured. But in fact, the treatment of this disease is very delicate - such a disease cannot be eliminated in a few hours, especially at home. Folk remedies also will not necessarily help to get rid of the disease, and thereforeTreatment of prostatitis should be carried out thoroughly and under the supervision of a doctor.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland in men, which requires complex treatment

Features of the complex treatment of prostatitis

This type of treatment includes the following activities:

  1. antibiotic therapy;
  2. immunotherapy;
  3. prostate massage;
  4. physiotherapy;
  5. prevention through sports or physical education.

Since bacteria tend to adapt to antibiotics, the course of medication should be changed periodically.

Since antibiotics weaken the already weakened immune system, immunotherapy drugs are used to strengthen it, the choice of which is made by the doctor individually for each case.

Prostate massage is an unpleasant but necessary procedure in any treatment course of prostatitis. Massage removes congestion and improves blood circulation in the inflamed gland. Physiotherapy procedures also have a positive effect on blood circulation in inflamed organs. These procedures include magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ozone therapy, and hydrotherapy.

As a preventive measure, running and gymnastics can be good options. Taking these classes regularly will not only protect your health, but also protect you from prostatitis. The main thing is to maintain order. It is also important to avoid overexertion and certain types of sports (cycling contributes to the development of the disease).

Complex treatment as the fastest and most effective treatment of prostatitis

How soon can prostatitis be treated? It is possible to recover from prostatitis with a complex method within a few days, provided that the treatment starts after the first symptoms, i. e. , fever, weakness and frequent urge to urinate. Here you can cope with antibiotics.

However, mostly they apply after the disease has become chronic. Treatment can last for months, depending on the form of inflammation and, most importantly, on the determination of the patient himself. After all, treatment requires a change in the usual lifestyle. Therefore, the question - how quickly can prostatitis be treated? - No one will give an exact answer.

To speed up the healing process, modern medicine uses a method that uses stem cells.

It is an important factor affecting the fight against the diseaseage. It is very easy to treat the disease for young men. But regardless of age, prostatitis is a treatable disease.

For older men, things are a little different. In older men, treatment extends to pain relief, alternating exacerbations, and eventual remission. In elderly people, as a rule, the advanced form results in prostate adenoma.

During prostatitis in elderly people, advanced cases of prostatitis with prostatitis adenoma and as a result of which surgical removal of the tumor is necessary prevail.

Transurethral resection is considered the most effective and common operation today. It is performed under anesthesia and by inserting a resectoscope into the urethra to completely or partially remove the inflamed tissue of the gland.

It is possible to remove prostate tissue in another way. After inserting the resectoscope into the urethra, the inflamed organ is cut, which reduces the pressure of the prostate on the urethra.The method is used for small inflammations. The procedure has only a temporary effect.